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All Music Industry Contacts

Get connected with hundreds of Music Industry Contacts; including record label a&r, music managers, booking agents, music producers, supervisors, radio program directors and publishers! We created All Music Industry Contacts Instant Download and CD-Rom to give Independent Artists, Bands, Record Labels, Musicians, Managers and Music Producers a chance to be heard by all of the most successful people in the Music Industry and our A&R Directory includes over 10,000 A&R Contacts. All Music Industry Contacts was also created to give artists the powerful information they need to start promoting, selling, and distributing their own music. Mix Makerz LLC/Mix Makers provides you with proven secrets that you can put to use as soon as you read them. Thanks to the internet it doesn't cost a lot of money to start promoting and selling your music! Now is the best time to start! Use our Music Contacts Directories to get signed by one of the most successful music management companies that has the contacts and music industry experience to get you signed to a successful Record Label.

To Mix Makers:

Thanks for a great product. It is companies such as yourselves that help
make things happen for bands that have true talent and somewhere to go.
When we get signed, look for your name in the credits. Thanks again.

Music Managers

Shawn M. Kraatz

Skraatz Management


All Music Industy Contacts

We have spent over 15 years developing and expanding the greatest Music Industry products on the market. Mix Makers, also known as Mix Makerz LLC our parent company was established in 1999 by four established Music Industry Executives who dedicate their lives to help Artists and Bands further their music career while at the same time promoting flourishing music industry related companies looking for talent. One of our companies founders is an executive at SideOneDummy Records, one of the largest independent rock labels in the world. The two other Founders are Meech Wells Snoop Doggs favorite Producer and Ryan Clement. Google Ryan Clement and his music website is number 1-4 in the search results, Ryan even ranks higher then the famous football player Ryan Clement and Wikipedia, his highly successful website Ryan Clement gets over 8,000 page views a week. Ryan has a distribution deal with Universal Music Group and owns his own CD Duplication Company. Ryan Clement and Meech Wells met in 1999 while Meech was Producing six songs for Snopp Doggs "The Last Meal Album" and have been working together ever since. You can see Meech Wells Discography at Wikipedia, his work is very impressive!

Top Record Label A&R Contacts, Music Management Companies and Music Producers use our extensive directories regularly to promote themselves and contact one another. Last year we even shipped All Music Industry Contacts to Jay-Z at Island Records. AMIC is updated every month and contains thousands of record label contacts that you will not find anywhere else. Any other company selling Music Industry Contacts most likely stole them from us. Example majormusiccontacts.com not only stole our products, they also stole all of the content on our website. We are currently sueing them for $100,000 in damages. We work extremely hard to track down the most reputable people that work in the music industry and obtain their contact information easily because they all know who we are and we do it in a classy way. Only one person who I won't mention in the last 14 years has asked to be taken out of one of our famous Music Industry Directories. We only list reputable Music contacts and spend countless hours updating and expanding our Music Industry Directories.

Whether you are a new Artist, Band, Music Manager or Music Producer you can use our incredible Music Contacts Directories to get in touch with almost anyone in the music business. If your a seasoned Music Industry Professional you can use our contacts to get in touch with people that can get you to the next level or knows somebody that they can connect you with. In the music business its not how talented you are its about who you know, what a Cliché but its true. Don't get discouraged and keep pounding the pavement and you will get anywhere you need to go.


Recortd Label Contacts

Start contacting all of the most successful music industry contacts! All Music Industry Contacts contains all the listings you will need to further your music career. Our CD-ROM and Instant Download also contains proven ideas that will help you make a living off of your music, including how to make your own professional promo CD's at home to give out, sell at shows or shop to A&R people for only 30 cents a piece. Save your retail ready CD's for retail stores.



How to Build & Promote your website

Included in All Music Industry Contacts is extensive information on how to build & promote your Artist/Band or Record Label website. Meech Wells and Ryan Clement started working with a company that designs websites for Artists and Bands that include a rad mp3 player. I We believe that all artists, bands, producers and anyone in the music Industry should have their own website that includes a highly functional Mp3 player, CD Cover, Biography, Press and a lot of Pictures so Ryan Clement sold 500 of his Google Stock Shares at $806 a share and is using the money to give back to our customers by paying his favorite website design company Zero to Sixty to design websites for all our customers that purchase All Music Industry Contacts Plus 2014 and pay a small fee for their Domain Name and Hosting. We will also have your music professionally mastered and even design your CD Cover if you need one just for becoming a customer. Below is our new banner explaining the amazing work we will do for artists and bands that need web presence. Our Instant Download and CD explains everything that you need to know to start selling singles or full albums online directly from your own website using our patented instant download system which comes with your website if you decide to use our new company and get everything you need for purchasing All Music Industry Contacts Plus 2014. AMIC also includes secrets on how to place high in search engines & how to put text links on relative websites. If we pay to have your website designed you can guarentee that you will be number one on google and yahoo and we will put your link on our entire network of websites to give you incomming link popularity which is important for you to rank high for your artist, band or producer name. The greatest part about our Instant Download and CD-Rom is that it shows you how to instantly deliver your singles or album seconds after one of your fans makes a purchase. We will show you how to begin accepting credit card payments online without paying hundreds of dollars for a merchant account and paying a ton of taxes. If we have your website developed, all we need is your merchant account/Pay Pal password and we will set you up with an instant download delivery system so you don't need iTunes taking 40% of your music sales revenue.


Radio is Changing

Since radio has become consolidated, there have been many changes in the Music Industry. Clear Channel owns almost all the Radio Stations in the United States, soon there is going to be one playlist for the whole Country. If music playlists become more centralized this will seriously reduce the amount of local talent being heard on FM Radio, thats why we provide such an extensive Internet Radio and College Radio Directory. There will also be a limit to the amount of diversity of music being played on the Radio. Here at Mix Makers/z we are trying to change things because we are sick and tired of listening to the same music being regurgitated, what they are feeding us on the radio and TV is garbage. Ryan Clement has owned a CD Manufacturing Company since 2000. We have heard some good indie music cross our desks, When we hear great music we usually use our updated music contacts to get them some kind of deal, even if we just get one of their songs in a movie or they play in a commercial, it makes us feel good that we are helping independent Artists. In the last 15 years the largest radio conglomerates have already announced that they are going to work directly with Record Labels & Music Managers Do you know how this will effect the Music Industry? Our All Music Industry Contacts Plus 2014 Instant Download and CD-Rom will give you all the information you need to know to succeed in the new music business and our new marketing and distribution company is going to help independent artists and bands utilize the internet and social networking websites to build their own fan base and Ryan is going to pay Zero to Sixty around $1000 to build state of the art websites for all our customers that purchase All Music Industry Contacts Plus 2014! This month we have Eminem on the cover, his A&R Riggs asked us for the cover because Eminem has new songs remixes that they are promoting. We will find out in the interview when they plan on dropping his next album.


How to start your own Record Label

This section is one of the most valuable parts of ALl Music Industry Contacts 2014 Instant Download and CD-Rom because it explains how you can begin promoting, selling, and distributing your own music to millions of music fans nationwide while sitting at your desk in your living room. Remember my website is number 1 on Google if you search Ryan Clement and it took me less then six months, I'm writing a book about how I get 8,000 page views a week and it will be available free in All Music Industry Contacts Plus 2014, I'm already giving away my book Internet Entrepreneur free to all our customers and it teaches Independent Artists and Bands how to create a small Niche Business with very little money or effort so they will be able to start their own internet company and work on their music all day everyday instead of working for some greedy corporation 8 hours a day. All Music Contacts includes extensive information on how to take advantage of internet advertising & word of mouth promotion. You will also learn how to make professional promo CD's cheap enough so that you can give them away. Make sure that the inside of your front cover has your web address. You can get 1000 front and back covers for only $125 at hotcards.com that you can use as CD Covers and Flyers just make your new website address highly visable on the back. You can get a Magicolor Laser Printer for $129.00 so that you can print high quality on the top of your CD's and shrink wrap is really cheap.

The professional packaging will have your website address on it so that fans can buy the whole Album on your website and get to listen to most of your songs on your stellar Mp3 player. Most companies like wimpy charge $39 dollars a month for an Mp3 player on your website but Meech and Ryan are not going to charge a subscription for an MP3 player. All you have to do is purchase All Music Industry Contacts Plus 2014, pay $14.99 a year for your domain name and $9.99 a month for website hosting and we will pay over $1350 to have your music mastered and music website professionally designed. We are going to pay for the coolest MP3 players and program them with your Mastered songs so fans can see that your not only talented but you have high quality sound. There are many great ideas & secrets included in All Music Industry Contacts Plus, Instant Download and CD-Rom that are used by the most successful Independent Record Labels in World!




Want To Get Further In The Music Industry?

You will need these contacts

Get connected with thousands of music industry contacts; including record label A&R, music managers, music agents, music producers, radio stations, music distributors, TV and Film music supervisors, music distributors and music publishers! 15 years ago we founded what is now the largest Music Industry Contacts Directory in the world which includes the most direct, up to date, email addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses for nearly all of the most successful music industry contacts in the world including their contact information and credits.

Over 10,000 Music Contacts.
All updated for August 2014!

A&R, Record Labels, Music Producers, Venues, Music Marketing/Promotion,
Music Managers, Radio, Music Agents, Publishers, Music Distributors, Music Supervisors & more...

Whether you are an independent record label, artist, singer, musician, rapper, producer, manager, publisher, sound engineer, agent, major record label A&R, distributor, or entrepreneur!

You have to promote yourself!

Examples of our 664 page All Music Industry Contacts Directory


Ryan Clement Founder of our company Mix Makers believes that the most significant thing artists, bands or music producers can have is their own custom designed highly functional music website. Imagine if potential fans and targeted music industry contacts can easily check out your music, biography, pictures, news, store or any press you may have all in one place by clicking a single link. Ryan Clement sold 500 Google stocks at $806 a share and wants to give back to independent artists and bands; Ryan is going to pay his favorite website design company Zero to Sixty to have a custom designed highly functional music website designed for our customers that purchase All Music Industry Contacts Plus 2014 starting January 6, 2014 which is Ryan’s Birthday he will be 34. Google Ryan Clement and his music website is #1-3 in the Google search results, we can do that for your new website. Your new custom designed music website will also include free Audio Mastering up to 15 songs plus a technologically advanced Mp3 Player. All you need to do is upload your best pictures, songs and biography by clicking the banner above and below the second paragraph. If you don’t have a CD Cover for your homepage we will pay $200 for Zero to Sixty to design one for you using one of your best pictures (no cost to you). You do not need to have all your content and be completely ready to have your website designed yet. If all you have are a few pictures and at least one song that will do for the time being, if you don’t have a Biography start writing one for your About Me/Us Page. Zero to Sixty (Our Favorite Website Design Company) can update your website as you create new content. Basically all you really need to start is a good picture, biography and at least one song. The important thing is that you take advantage of this extremely generous offer and save your spot/position. It is ok if you do not know how to build a website, we explain exactly what kind of content you should upload using our File Upload System by clicking the banner above this paragraph so we can start developing/designing your new music website immediately! Manage your artists’ marketing information, such as biographies, social profile links, photos, videos, news and tour dates, and simultaneously update your social networks, artists sites/blogs and Marketplace apps from one central location.

Ryan Clement and most Record Executives strongly believe that artists, bands and producers should have their own fully functional music website instead of paying 40% of their music sales revenue to online music retailers like iTunes, Rhapsody or Amazon! Record Labels and Music Managers will take you or your band more seriously if you are already selling music to budding fans with your own state-of-the-art music website. All you have to do to be eligible to have your own custom music website designed is become one of our new customers and purchase our 664 page All Music Industry Contacts 2014 Plus Directory for only $34.95. After that, all we ask is that you pay $14.99 a year for your domain name and $9.99 a month for your deluxe website hosting account because we have to pay for your domain name and hosting. Keep in mind that Ryan is going to pay over $1,000 for your website design and up to $350 for Audio Mastering because we want your Mp3 Player programmed with songs that sound good. You do not need to have your entire website ready 1 week after you purchase All Music Industry Contacts Plus 2014! We are going to pay Zero to Sixty a constant fee to update your website whenever you upload new audio, pictures or text content. We will know which content comes from you because the zip folder you upload will be called your email address and it will go in a folder on our server called for example, youremail@gmail.com. Use the same email address that you used to purchase All Music Industry Contacts Plus and pay for your domain name and hosting. In order to locate our File Upload System, just click on the website banner above the top paragraph or below this paragraph and it is located on the top of the page! Please read the entire page so that you know exactly what to upload and how. Soon you will be able to use our 664 page All Music Industry Contacts 2014 Plus Directory to email record company A&R, music managers, music producers, music agents, radio stations, music distributors, music supervisors, music publishers and music management companies a link to your new custom designed artist, band or producer website so they can listen to your music and read your About Me/Us page that will showcase your music biography.


A&R executives, music managers, music producers, music agents, music publishers, music distributors, fans and all other music contacts would rather visit your website to discover your music, biography, pictures, news, or any press you may have all in one place. Sending music professionals a link to your advanced music website is much better then sending them a demo or media/press kit through the mail? If you’re a serious artist, band or producer you need to have your own music website with mp3 player. If you already have a music website, why not have another one to promote and sell your music? All you need is a cool background designed by Zero to Sixty plus a picture or CD cover on your homepage above your mp3 player, you need to write a biography for your About Me Page and at least a paragraph about you or your music for your homepage and include as many good pictures that you have for your CD-Cover design and Photo Gallery/ Slide Show page. It is your choice whether or not you want visitors to be able to listen to the full version of all your songs or just a one-two minute sample of each song with the option to purchase your entire album or any of your songs. Your new website will have downloadable text, photos, audio, video and links to your social networking websites like Facebook or Printerest. If you have a video on YouTube include a link to your video so that we can add it to your websites video player page. After you purchase All Music Industry Contacts 2014 then click the banner below to upload your CD Cover, Pictures, Songs and Biography. Click banner below for instructions on how to upload files then pay for your domain name and website hosting in order to get your songs mastered and free music website designed.

If you don't have a CD Cover we will pay Zero to Sixty $200 to design one for you using one of your pictures (no cost to you). If we design your website your content will be updated regularly and allows our website design company to post any type of media for you including your music videos from YouTube, archived newspaper or magazine articles about you or your band, press or media coverage of your artist, band or producers business, merchandise, shows dates, album release dates or any other event or relevant content. If you become a customer we will pay to have all the above done for you free of charge, you can update your new music website at anytime by uploading your new content from the email address that you used when purchasing All Music Industry Contacts Plus 2014. Click the banner above the first paragraph or below the second one for instructions on how to upload your files so we can start developing your new website. You don't have to have all your content and be completely ready to have your website designed yet. We can start with what you do have so we can save your spot/position, we don't know how long Ryan Clement will be able to offer free music websites to all our customers when they cost him over $1000 each plus up to $350 dollars for your music mastering so that your music sounds great. The money to have hundreds maybe thousands of music websites designed is coming out of Ryan Clement own pocket. Ryan wants to use his fortune to give back to independent artists because he would have never been able to buy 5,000 shares of Google Stock with out all his independent music clients and loyal customers. If all you have is a few pictures and at least one song that will do for the time being, Zero to Sixty can update your website as you create new content. The important thing is that you take advantage of this extremely generous offer and save your spot/position by purchasing All Music Industry Contacts Plus 2014 and pay for your Website Domain Name and Hosting on our Upload Page by clicking the red and black banner above and below.

You get $1,350 worth in Professional Audio Mastering and Website Design Services and all you have to do is become one of our customers and purchase our "All Music Industry Contacts 2014 Plus (Instant Download Version) for $34.95". You also have to pay $14.99 for your Website's Domain Name/.com (Billed Yearly) and only $9.99 for your Website Hosting Account (Billed Monthly). We have to pay for your Domain Name and Hosting but your Mastering and Website Design and Optimization if free for you when you become a customer. If you have a PayPal account we can also pay to have buy now buttons integrated with your .Mp3 Player design so that you can sell your music, utilizing our advanced Buy Now Buttons and instant music download delivery system.


Examples of Music Websites Designed For Our Customers By Zero to Sixty! Click Images to Enlarge!


Purchase All Music Industry Contacts Plus 2014 and Co-Founder Ryan Clement Will Pay for you to get a Custom Music Website Designed by Zero to Sixty! Click Images to Enlarge!

Advanced Mp3 Players with Integrated Buy Now Buttons and Instant Download Capability! Click Images to Enlarge!

All Music Industry Contacts 2014 -

All Music Industry Contacts 2014 contains all of Americas most successful record label A&R, managers, producers & publishers including their complete contact information including updated email addresses and credits. 664 pages! Download PDF Music Marketing and Promotion Contacts FREE 57 Pages

Buy AMIC 2014 "CD-Rom or Instant Download" today and we will include! 178 Music Industry Contracts, Internet Entrepreneur, $100/188 page A&R Directory and Make a Living as an Artist or Band FREE! AMIC 2014 Also Contains Over 300 Pages of Complete and Updated A&R Contacts!

Compatible with any computer system PC or Macintosh!

All Music Industry Contacts Comments/Reviews

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Internet Entrepreneur 2014-

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How to record and master quality songs at Home
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   How to build and promote your website
-Optimize your website so that it performs well in music related searches
-Web Site building made simple
-Internet advertising strategies

How to start your own Record Label
-How to get a Doing Business as License 
-Filing for a fictitious name statement 
-How to incorporate your Record Label
-How to get an employer identification number
-Record Label business plan
-Start your own publishing company
-Getting an inexpensive barcode and working with Sound Scan

How to sell your Music online
-How to accept all major credit cards and e-check payments
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-How an affiliate program works
-How to track where your sales are comming from

How to get your music on commercial and internet radio
-Breaks down the cost and who to contact
-How radio is changing
-How to promote your music affectively to college stations and progran directors

Music Industry Interveiw with Jimmy Iovine

Interscope Records head Jimmy Iovine discusses how new artists come to the notice of the label, and what he personally looks for in the artists he signs.


Need to make a great first impression, so you are going to need a great electronic press kit. Our staff has full time professional designers who will work with you to ensure your electronic press kit included in your Artist or Band website is sure to stick out. Other Companies charge $200 just to Design an Electronic Presskit. You will get one free with your Artist/Band/Producer website

More Music Industry Contacts Sold Separately!

Radio Station Program Directors

Get your Music Played!

  • Get Connected With Hundreds of Radio Station Program Directors in every Format.
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  • All Independent Radio Station contacts in every format.
  • Satellite Radio contacts, Sirius and XM Radio.
  • Contact all successsful independent Radio Promoters.
  • Includes complete contact name, company, address, direct phone number and email address for all Radio Stations and Music Distributors.
  • Also contains Satellite and Internet Radio Contacts

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Music Distributors Directory

If you are already getting radio play, building a local fanbase or generating a local following you may want to consider getting a distribution deal. A distribution company can distribute your CDs regionally. It is important to have your music in stores as well as in online music stores. This directory includes hundreds of retail and internet distributers. We see more artists appearing on the music scene, producing their own albums, owning the rights to their songs and marketing their own music. These are the artists and producers that have an advantage when getting connected with one of the hundred musicdistribution companies in our directory. Contains hundreds of Distribution contacts!

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Music Supervisors Directory

Get your music to music supervisors and get your music in TV and film projects. There is a huge expanding opportunity for singer songwriters/ rappers, music producers and musicians to make money putting their own music into TV and Film projects. Getting connected with music supervisors and music directors are a great way to generate a lot of income from your music. List contains hundreds of legitimate music supervisors including their complete contact information.

$16.99 Music Supervisors "Instant Download" Version

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Music Agents

Music agents are also known as music booking agents or talent agents, Music agents are responsible for making the live music scene what it is. Your music agent can get you or your band booked to play live shows. It is a booking agents job to make sure you are playing in front of a live audience and get you or your band more exposure. Music Agents work with music promoters and record labels to effectively promote your music. It is your Music Agents responsibility to take care of your negotiations with venues and promoters. If you are looking to promote your music the good old fashion way, these contacts will definately come in handy.

$19.95 Music Agents "Instant Download" Version

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How to get solicited in 2014

When a Record Label A&R, Music Manager, Music Publisher or Music Producers states that they only accept solicited material, this means that you need to ask permission to send a package. Simply mailing them your demo & promotional material in high hopes that they will listen to your music is not likely to be successful, although this strategy has worked for some artists in the past. Making contact with your intended music industry professional & making sure that they are expecting your package seriously increases your chances of being heard. It is also important to get professional Audio Mastering by a professional before sending your CD to A&R reps. You should definitely make contact with Record Label A&R People that accept unsolicited material to make sure that they will be expecting your package. You should always call first before submitting your material. This will ensure that your package will get priority over another unsolicited package. It is part of the A&R assistant’s job to listen to Demos, check emails and receive faxes for the A&R that they work for. Your Demo should be 3-5 songs, make sure that you include your greatest material with the best song first. You want your music to grab an A&R Reps attention in the first 15 seconds.

You don’t have to be a famous music mogul to be solicited. When speaking with A&Rs, Music Managers, Publishers & Producers you must be extremely professional even when you are speaking with an assistant. These people are responsible for filtering out calls from amateurs. The important thing is to build a relationship with everyone you come in contact with. Find out the names of everyone that you come in contact with. Ask them questions like who they have worked with in the past & what styles of music they prefer. It is much better to pinpoint A&R Reps, Managers, Producers & Publishers that work in your style of music. Don’t waste your efforts! Always be ready to explain who you are, what you are doing to further your music career and what separates you or your band from the rest.

If you have a website with some music clips the Manager or label will tend to listen to what you have to say. Don’t ever call a record label like a rookie & start telling them that you are platinum & whatever. These days the most important thing an artist can have is a website. We wrote an extensive section in the All Music Industry Contacts CD-Rom that explains exactly how to build your website for little or no money. When calling record labels it is extremely important to make friends with assistants, secretaries & receptionists. Ask them if they will accept your package & listen to your music. You may even be doing them a favor by entertaining them for a few minutes. Remember that some people who work at record labels are just doing a job & sometimes don’t get the money or respect that they deserve. Try & light up their day with your upbeat personality. If you want to be in the music industry you must be able to handle rejection as well.

If I get negative results when trying to speak with someone it only makes me more persistent & determined to prove to them that I am important. Don’t be surprised if people are rude or a little hard to deal with, this is the music business. Sometimes you may have to kill them with kindness, be as polite as possible when speaking with Record Lable A&R. At least if they hear your name & listen to your music you made a new contact in the music industry. When an assistant answers the phone you should already know what you are going to say to him or her. Don’t sound anxious or be overly aggressive. Think of the assistants, receptionists & secretaries as a filter.

The warning no unsolicited material is usually used so that record companies don’t get swamped with submissions. It’s not that A&R Reps. and Managers don’t want to listen to new material. It’s more like they don’t have the time to listen to everything. If a record label hasn’t heard of you yet you should always give them a call first. When your package is solicited it gets priority over something that is not solicited. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t going to listen to your music at all. Most record labels do have people that listen to unsolicited material. It is usually an assistant A&R Scout or an intern. Other companies may throw unsolicited material away or send it back to you. It is a known fact that a lot of huge artists where discovered by someone listening to unsolicited material.

Record Labels, Music Managers, Music Publishers & Music Producers get a good number of packages each day. When you call them to let them know that you are going to send a demo package, ask them for some kind of code that you can write on the package so that they know it is solicited. I’m not saying that this is standard practice by most labels anymore but they will still do it. Another great way to ensure that your package will get reviewed is to have a messenger deliver it. I know it is expensive so only use this tactic when your odds are good. Only use this strategy when your intended target is looking for an artist or producer with your characteristics.

If you want to increase your status in the music industry as an artist, producer, or manager! You will need this information! This CD-ROM contains all of the most successful Record Company A&R's, Managers, Producers and Publishers in every genre, including their contact information & credits. (phone, fax, mailing addresses, email, & web addresses). This CD-ROM will make it possible for you to send your music to everyone who is anyone in the music business! Most of these executives accept unsolicited material & are looking for talent to sign! If you are a producer you will be able to shop your music to A&R'S that need help completing a project. We created All Music Industry Contacts for talented Artists, Bands, Managers, Record Labels & Music Producers. There are only a few ways to get in or sustain your position in the music business! The most realistic way is to constantly contact successful A&Rs, Managers, and Producers. Its all about being professional! We created All Music Industry Contacts for that purpose! We are making available what takes us hundreds of hours to create & update for only $24.95 intead of $54.95 starting January 1st 2014. If you order our CD-ROM version we are even going to pay the shipping cost. You will only understand how powerful All Music Industry Contacts is, if you put it to use. We priced our "Instant Download" and "CD-ROM" versions so that all Artists, Bands, Music Managers, Record Labels and Music Producers can afford it. That’s a wrap! Good luck in everything that you do! We hope you accomplish all of your goals & remember this business is more about persistence than it is about talent! Its also about who you know so utilize our Music Contacts Directories and get your music heard by thousands of music industry professionals that will be able to help you further your music career.


"All Music Industry Contacts contains the best most exclusive contacts for anyone interested in taking their music career to the next level. This resource is a great way for any aspiring artist to get heard by the most successful people in the music business. All Music Industry Contacts is full of music contacts, record label contact information, services & information needed to further your music career. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to succeed in the Music Industry"

-Bill Armstrong– Executive, Side One Dummy Records www.sideonedummy.com.

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Big J – DJ Green Lantern's Manager

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Meech Wells- Music Producer, ( Mary Wells the Motown Legends son ) - Also one Of Snoop Doggs Producers on The Last Meal Album.

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