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Customer Service: Phone Line: (323)-353-1041 - Please send us a text message for a quicker response because our phone line is extremely busy.

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About Us: Mix Makers LLC. Was Founded in 1998 by successful Online Music Marketing Consultant Ryan Clement AKA Riveechi who is also a popular artist/singer/rapper/music producer and Top Music Marketing Consultant who works with the CEO's of Side One Dummy Records and is responsible for getting tons of independent music and merchandise sold Online since 2003.

Why did we come out with All Music Industry Contacts (Plus), Music Management 101 and The Music Marketing Engine? Sooner or later a lot of music industry professionals started asking us for the direct contact information for top music industry contacts and that's why we developed All Music Industry Contacts (Plus).

Our Founder Ryan Clement is independently successful in his own right; from 2003 to Present Ryan Clement is the Online music marketing consultant for the largest independent rock record label in the world called Side One Dummy Records which has signed platinum bands like Flogging Molly and Bedouin SoundClash just to name a couple. Ryan Clement is an expert at Online music marketing, helping artists and bands build a huge fan base and sell their very own music Online as instant song and album downloads. It was Ryan Clement that designed the first Online digital song delivery framework which integrates with most merchant accounts.

Right now at: and Mr. Clement sells a T-Shirt and a 30 song triple album called "True To This" for $34.95 and generates a sale or conversion for every $4.25 that we spend on advertising plus a great quality black T-Shirt with print costs $5.00 so that equals $25.70 profit off of each sale/conversion and if you order Music Management 101 and The Music Marketing Engine you can learn how to do the same and make tons of money selling your own music and merchandise. Ryan makes anywhere from ($38,000 to $46,00) per month in song and album download sales alone, and Ryan uses his own independent music distribution service called "All Independent Music" which he founded recently in 2019 which is going to rival iTunes someday because you the artist, band or music producer have complete control of the merchant account that receives the revenue from your Online music and merchandise sales, everyone is using PayPal with our New Music Distribution Service and it works great. Ryan Grew Up In the Bay Area and Is Now Living In Burbank California to be close to where all the music industry action is. You Can Listen to Ryan Clement's 30 song triple album at: Ryan Clement AKA. Riveechi: "TRUE TO THIS" Triple Album:

So if you would like a custom designed music website which includes a fancy .mp3 player (to play 1-3 of your songs) and music distribution service that works with your merchant account that you are 100% in complete control of call "All Independent Music" our new music distribution company at: (323)-353-1041, serious inquiries only! "Learn How Ryan Clement Does It Using Music Marketing Analytics Data!" Order All Music Industry Contacts (Plus), The Music Marketing Engine, Music Management 101 and All 3 Music Marketing Products.

All Music Industry Contacts (Plus) - Includes over 1,000 A&R People at over 500 record labels, (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts also incorporates an extensive list of music producers, music managers, music publicists, music attorneys, music agents, record label A&R Contacts, music supervisors, music publishers, independent record labels, music marketing companies and radio stations. You can utilize (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts to get in direct contact with practically any record company A&R in the music business. There are a number of music industry contacts working for music production companies, music publishing companies, record companies, music management companies and music agencies that are searching for impressive artists, bands, music managers and music producers to sign. You can send a demo, link to your Online press kit or awesome artist, band or music producer website to record label A&R or top music manager contacts in case you're trying to get signed.

All Music Industry Contacts (Plus)

  • Includes: Over 48,000
  • Music Industry Contacts!
  • All Music Industry Contacts Is Updated (Monthly)
  • Mix Makers LLC.

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Music Management 101 - You will learn Self Management secrets and techniques which took us years to study and put to use and they are way ahead of their time so that you can attract more successful music managers and record label A&R in order to get signed. We give you access to our Email Music Marketing Service/Software for FREE so that you can give a couple songs away in order to receive or in-exchange for a potential "Super Fans" email address. It takes up to five points of contact to convert 5-10 percent of your targeted market into a sale or conversion. Also comes with hundreds of music management contacts which gives you the direct contact information including their name, mailing address, email address, phone number and credits. Music Management 101 also comes with 9 music manager contracts which you can edit to cater to your exact situation.

  • Music Management 101 for Indie Artists:
  • Self Management for Indie Artists:
The goal of Music Management 101 is to enable musicians to learn how to manage their very own music careers with the goal of eventually attracting a top professional music manager and successful record label A&R. (Value $34.95)

The Music Marketing Engine:

Music Marketing: Music Career Planning:

The advancement phase is all about getting clarity, creating a strategic plan and simultaneously we must assemble a strong music marketing campaign. It is important to obtain this information obviously prior to starting your marketing and promotion preparations so you can get the most out of your music promotion efforts: 1. Artist Consultation 2. The mentality for Success: Music Business Plan 4. Music Marketing Plan: (Value $32.95)

The Music Marketing Engine:
  • The Music Marketing Engine was written by successful Online music marketing consultant/Solo Artist and Top Music Producer/Music Manager Ryan Clement AKA. Riveechi who has been working with the CEO's of Side One Dummy Records one of the largest independent rock record labels in the world since 2003 with such platinum-bands on their roster as Flogging Molly and Bedouin SoundClash. Ryan originally wrote The Music Marketing Engine as a 20-part course/over 1,000 pages intended to be read by music industry professionals and good music managers who want to manage their artists better using new and innovative tactics or techniques that we spent 5 solid years testing and perfecting. The Music Marketing Engine has live links to important products, applications plus services and is also is going to teach you all about keywords and music marketing analytics so that you can effectively track your sales conversions and figure out your (ROI) Return on Investment.

    The original cost of The Music Marketing Engine was $1,000 because of how thorough and extensive this content is. Most music industry veterans had so much success with The Music Marketing Engine that our book publishers Mix Makers LLC. and Ryan Clement Music decided to start selling all 16 part courses to not only to music industry professionals/music managers but to artists, bands, and music producers as well but with one minor difference, the whole course then sold for only $99 to make it more affordable for the average musician, artist, band or music producer. If you want to make money doing what you love as part of the music business, then “The Music Marketing Engine” is for you. The Music Marketing Engine’s Content has been tested for years is way ahead of its time and is guaranteed to help you build a huge fan base by marketing your music Online using our proven techniques. As if that’s not good enough Ryan had another idea? Why not sell "The Music Marketing Engine" for around the same price or even less expensive then our most famous Product which is called "All Music Industry Contacts" (Plus) customers a special free bonus gift when they order The Music Marketing Engine? Now if you order the Music Marketing Engine for only $32.95 you will get our new All Music Industry Contacts Directory for FREE.

All 3 Music Marketing Products Special Deal For This Week Only:

Order The Music Marketing Engine, Music Management 101 and All Music Industry Contacts (Plus): When you order all 3 of our music marketing products we will listen to your best song and if we like it our company will shop it around to our music management and record label A&R contacts and try to get you signed, we will also get you a booking agent in your city (if you don't already have one) so that you can perform more live shows. This deal also includes A&R Mentoring where we will revue your best song, give you feed back about your song and master it for free even though Audio Mastering normally costs $100 per song that will be part of our special package as a big bonus domain name which is just $20 per month and accompanies A&R Mentoring and One Song Mastering For FREE.

All 3 Music Marketing Products Bundle:

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The Music Marketing Products Bundle Package:

This bonus "music marketing bonus package" is worth over $1,000 and you can only get it here for only $79.95. Below are some details:

Our ultimate music marketing bonus package is designed specifically to help you take advantage of the same powerful tools and techniques that independent record labels & major record labels are using right now in combination & used in highly successful record releases.

Mix Makers LLC.
Is Always Giving Back To Our Customers/
Independent Artists, Bands, Producers and Music Managers!







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Mix Makers Online Audio Mastering Details:

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Audio Mastering:

Here at Mix Makers LLC. Online Audio Mastering we guarantee that we can make your songs sound 10 times better after we master your music and right now for Mix Makers customers its only $20 per song and we will master one of your songs for (FREE) if you order all three of our music resources including All Music Industry Contacts (Plus), Music Management 101 and The Music Marketing Engine all together which is only $79.95 compared to the normal price which is $104.85. Remember that our audio mastering services is normally $50 per song so if you order All Three Of Our Music Resources (Bundle) with (FREE) audio mastering you are getting a great deal.

Our best deal for people that are not Mix Makers LLC. customers is that even if you don't order any of our three music resources we will still master one of your songs and send you a free 2 minute sample, this way you can hear the quality of your music after being mastered by our company. Right now we also have another special deal so if you order all three of our music marketing products including All Music Industry Contacts (Plus), Music Management 101 or The Music Marketing Engine, we will master one of your songs for (FREE) and the normal price for anyone that is not a Mix Makers LLC. Customer is $50 per song.

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