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Def Jam A&R:

We Have Compiled The Most Detailed Def Jam A&R Contacts and Music Industry Contacts Directories On Earth; All Music Industry Contacts Plus Has 11 Separate Directories Including Def Jam A&R Contacts and Is Well Over 1,000 + Pages! We Have A Team Of 4 Music Industry Veterans that confirm our music industry contact information on a daily basis and dial over 800 confirmation calls per week, that's over 38,000 calls a year so as to verify that you have the most accurate contact data. available! You can utilize All Music Industry Contacts to send your music to Def Jam A&R Contacts located in NYC.

Def Jam A&R Recordings has promoted industry expert Dion "No I.D." Wilson to official VP in charge of all Def Jam A&R activities at the label. It's a recognize bump for No I.D., who was formerly co-head of Def Jam A&R. According to a pre-release, the producer/official will proceed to oversee his very own brand name, Atrium Records, whose artists comprise of Jene Aiko and Common, and will account straightforwardly to Def Jam's CEO, Steve Bartels.

"In a day somewhere, Def Jam A&R has recognized such original artists as Iggy Azalea, Jene Aiko, YG, and August Alina, nobody is more appropriate to artistically infer and proficiently direct our label stirring ahead than No I.D.," said Bartels. "He isn't just an established hit maker and imaginative thinker, but he is a daring boss who is all around treasured by both the artists and Def Jam A&R officials in like manner. Together, we are on the brink for a lot bigger dimensions of achievement."

All Def Jam A&R Executives, Def Jam A&R Managers, and Def Jam A&R Scouts are incorporated into All Music Industry Contacts and All Music Industry Contacts Plus Update which also contains all our music contacts directories in addition to e Books that will enable you to make it in the music industry. We have an interview with Def Jam A&R Reps and one of the original Founders of Def Jam, Russell Simmons. Use our All Music Industry Contacts to reach Def Jam A&R, A&R Contacts! All Music Industry Contacts incorporates over 10,000 Record Label A&R Reps at over 2,000 Record Labels including a broad rundown of Def Jam A&R.

Def Jam A&R: Company History

Establishing and CBS Records Group era (1983– 1994)

Def Jam was established by Rick Rubin in his dormitory in Weinstein Hall at New York University Def Jam A&R: and its first release was solitary by his punk-rock group Hose. Russell Simmons joined Rubin shortly after they were introduced to each other, according to one story, by Vincent Gallo. Def Jam A&R: Another refers to DJ Jazzy Jay as their connector. Def Jam A&R: Rubin has said he met Simmons on the TV show Graffiti Rock and recognized him then as "the face of hip hop": "He was five years older than me, and he was already established in the music business. And I had no experience whatsoever."Def Jam A&R: The first single released with the Def Jam Recordings logo was T La Rock and Jazzy Jay's "It's yours." The first releases with Def Jam Recordings catalog numbers were LL Cool J's "I Need a Beat" and the Beastie Boys' "Rock Hard," both in 1984. The singles sold well, eventually leading to a distribution deal with CBS Records through Columbia Records the following year.

Def Jam A&R: This created a short-lived subsidiary label called OBR Records, short for Original Black Recordings, which catered toward R&B artists—the first artist signed to that imprint was Oran "Juice" Jones, who got a kick out of progress with his hit single "The Rain". Two or three years later, Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen started an umbrella label called Rush Associated Labels to handle Def Jam and its numerous turn off labels. RAL became the home to Nice and Smooth and EPMD after both acts were acquired because of the collapsing of their former label Sleeping Bag Records. Def Jam A&R: Other acts under the RAL umbrella included Redman, Onyx, Flatlinerz, Domino, Warren G, and Jayo Felony. Def Jam A&R also signed it's first and simply thrash metal band, Slayer, in 1986, and the band's third and fourth albums were the main two Def Jam releases to be distributed through Geffen Records under Warner Bros. Records instead of Columbia/CBS. Def Jam A&R:As the decade drew to a nearby, the label signed Public Enemy, whose controversial lyrical substance garnered the company both critical acclaim and disdain. Lyor Cohen became president of Def Jam/RAL in 1988, after winning a power struggle with Rubin, who may shortly thereafter leave the company to form Def American Recordings. Rubin would take Slayer with him to Def American in its initial stages.

Def Jam A&R: PolyGram era (1994– 1998)

By 1992, despite recent multi-platinum selling releases from Public Enemy, and EPMD, Def Jam ran into severe financial troubles and was faced with collapsing. However, in 1994, PolyGram purchased Sony's half stake in Def Jam Recordings—subsequently bringing the label into its overlap. Following PolyGram's purchase, Def Jam-distributed the Violator Records-signed artist Warren G's Regulate... G Funk Era album, which went triple platinum and brought truly necessary revenue to Def Jam A&R through its distribution deal with Violator.

PolyGram acquired an additional 10% in Def Jam Recordings in 1996, further strengthening its ownership of Def Jam. Shortly thereafter, Rush Associated Labels was renamed Def Jam Music Group. The label remained profitable as its veteran star LL Cool J released his successful album Mr. Smith in 1995. The label later signed Foxy Brown, whose debut album Ill Na became a platinum seller in 1997.

The Island Def Jam A&R Music Group establishing (1998– 2000)

in 1998, PolyGram was purchased by Seagram and merged with the MCA family of labels, which became Universal Music Group. It at that point purchased the remaining interest of Def Jam Recordings from Russell Simmons for a reported $100 million. UMG merged 14+ record labels including Def Jam, Island Records and Mercury Records to form The Island Def Jam Music Group. Regardless of the formation of IDJMG, the Def Jam, Mercury, and Island labels continued operating as separate imprints underneath the bigger umbrella.

Lyor Cohen was appointed co-president of IDJMG, and Kevin Liles succeeded him as president of Def Jam. In 1999, IDJMG created an R&B turn off record label called Def Soul Recordings to run alongside Def Jam Recordings, which inherited many of Island Records' urban artists, including Drug Hill and its lead singer Sisqó, the Isley Brothers and Kelly Price. Def Soul also issued recordings by Musiq, Montell Jordan, Case, 112, Patti LaBelle, and Christina Milian. Island's fourth and B'way Records was also collapsed into Def Jam. Kevin Liles also served as President of Def Soul Records.

Also in 1999, the label began to distribute releases by Murder Inc. Records, run by former Def Jam official Irv Gotti. Murder Inc's. the roster of artists would incorporate Ja Rule, Ashanti, Lloyd, Vita. The following year, it launched another subsidiary, Def Jam South, which concentrated on Southern rap and distributed releases from record labels, for example, Disturbing the Peace, whose artists have included Ludacris, Chingy, and Bobby Valentino. Russell Simmons tapped Texas-born and raised rap legend Scarface as the original head of Def Jam South. After about a 4-year run at Def Jam South, Scarface negotiated a release from the company in 2003.

Def Jam A&R The 2000's

In 2000, The Island Def Jam Music Group announced the formation of Def Jam Germany, the first international Def Jam company. This increased the label's presence around the world. Def Jam Germany signed German rappers Spezializtz and Philly MC. The Record label was located in Berlin and opened on May 23, 2000. In addition to music marking and marketing local artists, Def Jam Germany also marketed all U.S. signed Def Jam artists in the German territory. But the German division collapsed just two years later in 2002. Many of the artists were grabbed by Universal/Urban, while others didn't get another contract.[9]

The second international label is a Japanese branch, Def Jam Japan Defu Jammu Japan), also established in 2000.[10] Their artist roster has included AI, Teriyaki Boyz, Nitro Microphone Underground, and South Korean boy band BTS.

In 2003, Murder Inc. became the center of a tax evasion investigation including illegal profits from the drug trade, leading to the record labels eventual release from its distribution contract by 2005. The final shares of Roc-A-Fella Records were sold to The Island Def Jam Music Group in 2004, by which time it had launched the career of producer-turned-rapper Kanye West.

In 2004, Cohen left IDJMG for Warner Music Group, and was replaced by former Arista and later Epic official L.A. Reid. An unhappy Liles eventually pursued Cohen to Warner. A bidding war for Jay-Z's contract began, and Reid appointed Jay-Z president of Def Jam.

Under Jay-Z's leadership, Def Jam launched the fruitful careers of contemporary R&B singers Rihanna and Ne-Yo. At the completion of 2007, Jay-Z decided not to renew his contract as the President and CEO of Def Jam in order to start his new venture, Roc Nation. Following Jay-Z's departure, L.A. Reid took over leadership of the label, rather than hiring a replacement. In June 2008, Shakir Stewart was appointed as Executive Vice President of Def Jam, a position that was previously left vacant since December 2007.

Def Jam 2010's

In March 2012, it was announced that former Warner Bros. Records official Joie Manda would become the first president of Def Jam since Jay-Z. Until March 2013 when he left his post at Def Jam and it was announced he'd be heading up the urban division of Interscope Records by his former boss, Barry Weiss. The-Dream served as Def Jam's official VP of A&R at Def Jam between 2012 and 2014. No I.D. maintained the situation of official VP after establishing GOOD Music with Kanye West.[16] No I.D. is presently the official VP of Capitol Music Group.

On April 1, 2014, it was announced that Island Def Jam could never again be active after the resignation of CEO Barry Weiss. A press release serviced by Universal Music Group stated that IDJMG and all of its assets would be reorganized into Def Jam Recordings, Island Records and Motown Records, all as separate entities. Def Jam A&R: Def Jam Recordings operates as a stand-alone label inside Universal Music Group. Def Jam signed Dani Leigh to the label in early 2017. Steve Bartels served a period as President/CEO of Def Jam Recording until it was announced on August 3, 2017, that as of January 2018, Eminem's long haul manager and prime supporter of Shady Records, Paul Rosenberg has been appointed Chairman/CEO of Def Jam Recordings. Def Jam A&R:



Lyor Cohen (1988– 98)

Kevin Liles (1998– 2004)

JAY-Z (2005– 07)

L.A. Reid (2007– 12)

Joie Manda (2012– 13)

Steve Bartels (2013– 17)

Paul Rosenberg (2018– present)

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