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Joshua Sarubin
A&R Def Jam
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Avril Lavigne
Pres. Of The U.S.A.


Record Label A&R

Adema for hit record self Titled "Adema" Def Jam Records; Def Jam A&R for Pink Record "Try This"; Avril Lavigne for Record "Under My Skin"; hit record "Let Go”; Presidents Of The United States Of America for hit record "Presidents Of The United States Of America" A&R at Columbia Records 1995. A&R Def Jam Records.

Lenny Santiago
A&R Def Jam
Def Jam A&R

Credits: Freeway, Beanie Sigel, Cam'Ron

Def Jam A&R

Record Company A&R

A&R for Cam'Ron in 2002 for hit record "Come Home with Me". Def Jam A&R Co-A&R in 2003 for Freeway for hit album "Philadelphia Freeway”; 2005 A&R at Virgin Record. 2004 Def Jam A&R at Roc-A-Fella/ Def Jam Records.


Def Jam A&R




7 Days on the view: Def Jam A&R 30th Anniversary, Brooklyn on October 16, 2014

area Office: Def Jam A&R CEO Steve Bartels on Label's upcoming, Kanye West's 'unbelievable' original Album and Why Justin Bieber Isn't Overexposed by Def Jam A&R

As a producer, No I.D. has worked with many of the giants of hip-hop, including Def Jam A&R Jay Z, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Nas, Drake and Method Man. Def Jam A&R

No I.D. Def Jam A&R articulated hopefulness for Def Jam's future and gave a shout-out to the label's founders in commentary about the endorsement. "The Def Jam A&R brand name has by no means been more ethnically appropriate, and our dream remains the similar as it was when Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons launched the brand name 30 years ago; and that is to plainly be the best," he said. "Steve Bartels and I are totally dedicated to carry that dream and ordinary for superiority into the upcoming Def Jam A&R."

Bartels also announced that No I.D.'s previous co-head of Def Jam A&R, Kyambo "Hip Hop" Joshua, has fashioned a innovative boutique imprint inside Def Jam. Signee's to Hip Hop's presently unidentified label will be positioned with either Def Jam A&R or Caroline. "I look ahead to getting support to what I do best Def Jam A&R," said Hip Hop, "and that is having the occasion and capital to search for and realize the best Def Jam A&R, and most exclusive melodic talent the earth has to offer. Launching my individual boutique Def Jam A&R label and having the control and support of Def Jam is the perfect circumstances for me and my artists Def Jam A&R."

Introduce yourself

I'm Lenny S, VP of A&R Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella. I touch projects on mutual ends from Roc-A-Fella as an self-sufficient to Def Jam A&R as a major RECORD LABE.





Def Jam A&R; We Have Compiled The Most Detailed & Updated Music Industry Contacts Directories On Earth; All Music Industry Contacts Plus Has 12 Separate Directories Including Def Jam A&R Contacts and Is Well Over 1,000 + Pages! We Have A Team Of 4 Music Industry Veterans that confirm our music industry contact information on a daily basis & dial over 800 confirmation calls per week, that's over 38,000 calls a year in order to verify that you have the most accurate contact info. available! You can use All Music Industry Contacts to send your music to Def Jam A&R Contacts located in NYC.

Def Jam A&R

Examples of our 1,000 page All Music Industry Contacts Directory

Def Jam A&R Recordings has promoted industry expert Dion "No I.D." Wilson to official VP in charge of all Def Jam A&R activities at the label. It's a recognize bump for No I.D., who was formerly co-head of Def Jam A&R. According to a pre-release, the producer/official will go ahead to oversee his own brand name, Atrium Records, whose artists comprise of Jene Aiko and Common, and will account straightforwardly to Def Jam's CEO, Steve Bartels.

"In a day somewhere, Def Jam A&R has recognized such original artists as Iggy Azalea, Jene Aiko, YG, and August Alina, nobody is more appropriate to artistically imply and proficiently direct our label stirring ahead than No I.D.," said Bartels. "He isn't only an established hitmaker and imaginative thinker, but he is a daring boss who is all around treasured by both the artists and Def Jam A&R officials likewise. Together, we are on the brink for much bigger levels of achievement."

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