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Sell More Independent Music Using facebook:

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Music Marketing and Promotion 2015:

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Sell More Independent Music Using twitter:

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Get The Most Publicity For Your Music: Quick Guide!

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Get Signed by a Record Label
Realistic Approach!

Examples of our 664 page All Music Industry Contacts Directory

Are you a great artist looking to get signed by a successful record label? You have just had your CD mixed and mastered & bought 1,000 CDs from a manufacturer. What do you do now? Artists & musicians these days need to take matters into their own hands. I suggest that you buy the newest music industry resource book and start sending demo packages to all of the most successful record label A&R people, music managers, music agents & music producers in the music business. You can get the greatest music industry resource which is called All Music Industry Contacts. Don’t just send your demo hoping that someone is going to listen to it. There are ways that you can get permission from a Record Label to send your music. It is very important to create a professional sounding demo, take studio quality 8x10 pictures & have a complete one page biography. Like with any product under the sun packaging is very important. If you are not familiar with photoshop it will definitely be worth it to hire a professional graphic designer to design your CD cover.

Music Industry Interveiw with Chris Blackwell 

Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records, reveals what you must do to contact A&R and Music Managers including what you should do and what you must not do – to make sure your demo or album gets heard by the decision-makers at the labels you would like to work with.



These days the most important thing you will need as a recording artist is a great website. Most record label A&R people, music manager, music agents, music publisher & music producers will ask you if they can check out your website instead of having you send them a demo. Make sure that your website allows visitors to listen & download your music samples. If you really want a record deal with a successful record company you will need to go to great lengths to promote your own music. I recommend that you get a professional promotion package together your self. Some record labels insist that you already have some kind of following. If you are going to sell your records online you should purchase one of our Artist Packages which includes your own record label webpage with your CD Cover, Biography, songs and Album for sale (you keep 100% of your music sales, and get hundreds of solicited submissions to A&R Executives, Music Producers, Music Supervisors and Music Managers. If you are already a seasoned recording artist or music producer you should already have a complete & mastered LP or close to it. As a professional recording artist it is your responsibility to get with music producer & complete albums. You should have a head start. Creating records is sometimes the least of you’re A&R person’s problems. So now you have your music demo, pictures, biography, a great website with pictures & audio clips. Sounds like your ready to approach music managers, a&r, music agents, music producers & music publishers.

All Music Industry Contacts 2014 -

All Music Industry Contacts 2014 contains all of Americas most successful record label A&R, managers, producers & publishers including their complete contact information including updated email addresses and credits. 664 pages! Download PDF Music Marketing and Promotion Contacts FREE 57 Pages

Buy AMIC 2014 "CD-Rom or Instant Download" today and we will include! 178 Music Industry Contracts, Internet Entrepreneur, $100/188 page A&R Directory and Make a Living as an Artist or Band FREE! AMIC 2014 Also Contains Over 300 Pages of Complete and Updated A&R Contacts!

Compatible with any computer system PC or Macintosh!

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All Music Industry Contacts Comments/Reviews

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All Music Industry Contacts 2014 - In addition to providing you with the complete contact name, company, address, direct phone numbers and email addresses of Americas Top Music Industry Professionals! Order today and you will receive AMIC 2014, 178 Music Contracts, How to Make a Living as an Artist or Band and Internet Entrepreneur FREE.

All Music Industry Contacts 2014 Plus Includes-

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Music Distributors 2014 - $16.99
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AMIC 2014 Plus Now Includes Our $100 Extensive A&R Directory 2014

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2,587 Record labels
10,804 A&R Reps

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