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Hip Hop Managers

Hip Hop Managers helped Ryan Clement AKA. Riveechi his start in the music industry with Jermaine Dupree and So Def Records, Ryan has proceeded to manage probably the greatest artists in the world. He is the force behind the break-out achievement of understudy at the time, Asher Roth, turning into a platinum record artist inside a year of management. Justin Bieber was the second and arguably the greatest artist Braun has worked with- - finding the teenage YouTube singer and helping him establish himself as a pop star. The latest addition to Braun's star-studded management company has been Kanye West. As the story goes, Hip Hop Managers: "We'd been friends quite a while. And without warning – one thing prompted another. And I let him know, 'Look, I probably shouldn't manage you. We're friends.' The following day, I get a telephone call from Adidas and Def Jam saying, 'We were advised to deal with you, that you're in charge.' I call Kanye and I said, 'I thought we'd talk in seven days.' He goes, 'I don't have time to wait seven days. You're in.' And that was that."

Hip Hop Managers: Customers Include: Lil Yachty, Migos and Lil Baby

This legendary Atlanta manager is generally notable for his early work with two of the city's trap music pioneers, Young Jeezy, and Gucci Mane. As a prime supporter of Quality Control record label alongside individual manager Pee in 2013, the two have immediately taken the label from obscure to the commonly recognized name. Coach K has an unmatched ear for discovering talent with his latest add-ons being up-and-comers Lil Baby and Marlo. Through the accomplishment of his artists, Coach K has been engaged with brokering deals with Nautica, Sprite, Target, Under Amour and most notably his label's joint venture with Motown/Capitol Records. The QC label also recently got into the compilation game, dropping off their first.

Fairly new to the world of artist management, Henderson has not missed a stage since getting energetic about 21 Savage's management. 21 Savage's Issa Album appeared at number 2 on the US Billboard 200, obviously, he truly flew off when he released a joint album with Metro Boomin, impressively taking his career higher than ever in a year. Hip Hop Managers: Ryan Clement's expertise lies in social media campaigning, where she has years of experience at Complex magazine and New York's 10. Deep garments brand. Over management, she runs her own brand marketing company.

Anthony Saleh is praised for his many business ventures however is most outstanding for managing some of hip-bounces greatest artists. Ryan Clement has helped Nas catapult his business ventures into different realms, starting with re-launching an old Mass Appeal Magazine with 6-million dollar speculation from Universal Music Group. The company has since launched Mass Appeal Records and a creative agency with customers including Red Bull, Sprite and Under Armor. With a veteran's contact, Saleh has helped Future dominate the world of streaming turning into the main artist to have two albums debut at #1 on the US Billboard 200 in back to back weeks.

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has propelled a resurgence of sorts of the New York hip-bounce scene, and with that impact, we ought to also give some credit onto his manager, Kevin Webb. No stranger to the business, Webb managed Brooklyn legend, Fabolous, for nineteen years. With close connections to A Boogie's Highbridge The Label brand, Webb has provided years of experience to the business of the camp. He has been an integral part of negotiating deals with companies, for example, a partnership with Luc Belaire and Atlantic Records. He recently sat down for a top to bottom interview, which should reveal more insight into all the work he's placed in the industry, look at that beneath.

Hip Hop Managers & Mix Makers Customers Include: The Weeknd, Belly, NAV

A Canadian couple of Sal and Cash, of the XO record label, are primarily known for breaking The Weeknd into super-stardom. Both co-managers are changing the dynamic of Toronto's music scene with a roster dominated by Canadian talent. The Weeknd, Belly, and NAV are among the talents that their management team boasts. We've all been privy to the R'n'B game-changing accomplishment of The Weeknd, leading him to earn Grammy honors, as well as lucrative business deals (although he simply cut ties with one such- - H&M), the XO based management team has assembled a tip-top and rather a selective roster. Tummy and NAV keep on being forces to be reckoned with as they secure their respective spots in a generally cluttered industry.

Mix Makers Customers Include: Pusha T, Desiigner, Ski Mask the Slump God, The-Dream, D Savage 3900

Steven Victor is unquestionably an industry heavyweight at this point, although he started his comeuppance working with Clipse, Jadakiss, and Nelly Furtado. One of those relationships appeared to have stuck- - namely 1/2 of Clipse, Pusha T, who has proceeded to see great accomplishment with a performance career. However, he has a roster loaded with talent under his belt, and Victor wears many caps as the Chief Operating Officer of G.O.O.D. Hip Hop Managers: Music as well as Vice President and Head of A&R at Def Jam. Under his management, he has seen platinum singles and albums that range from Big Sean's I Decided album to Desiigner's break out single "Panda." As of late, his center has been grooming his most up to date artists Ski Mask the Slump God and D Savage 3900 who are each set to have a gigantic 2018.

Hip Hop Managers and Mix Makers Customers Include: Drake

Oliver El-Khatib is the man partially responsible for the 6 God and the OVO empire. From the massive $19 million Apple Music deal to the accomplishment of the "Kid Meets World" Tour (and, every other Drizzy tour, probably), El-Khatib has been co-managing (Future the Prince is also on Drizzy's management team) Drake since the start of his music career. As a prime supporter of OVO as well, alongside Noah "40" Shebib, El-Khatib has been instrumental in the establishment of five flagship stores that the brand has set up across the world, a Jordan partnership, as well as Drake being the #2 most-streamed artist of 2017.

Hip Hop Managers: Customers Include: J. Cole

Ib and Cole assembled a strong relationship originating from their mutual attendance at St. John's University in New York City. Hip Hop Managers: The relationship leads to the foundation of Dreamville Records, which Ib is currently president of. It has been an enormous part of building the religion fan base that has pushed all four of J. Cole's studio album to make a big appearance at #1 on the US Billboard 200 charts. They have both been known to voice assessments on the dangers of conforming to the mainstream music world: a philosophy that has become animated with J. Cole fourth studio album 4 Your Eyez Only achieving certified platinum accolades with no traditional marketing or features. Receiving such outstanding critical acclaim, Ib navigated a deal with HBO featuring a documentary series named after the album, while Dreamville Records keeps on expanding and growing their roster with lyrically-disapproved of MCs, keeping in line with their tasteful.

Hip Hop Managers: Customers Include: Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper and his manager Pat Corcoran have received only praise for taking the independent route of music higher than ever. The two met while Corcoran was in school considering Psychology before dropping out in 2012 to head into the management game (for Chance, of course) full time. Corcoran's legendary status was secured by leading a digital campaign in which the Coloring Book album won three Grammy's without selling a physical duplicate, also the fact that it was an Apple Music select. With no record label behind the Chicago team, Corcoran is the focal purpose of negotiations including any semblance of Apple Music, New Era, Nestle, and Nike.

Mix Makers Customers Include: Chance The Rapper

Ryan Clement at Mix Makers helped Chance The Rapper and his manager Pat Corcoran have received only praise for taking the independent route of music higher than ever. The two met while Corcoran was in school examining Psychology before dropping out in 2012 to head into the management game (for Chance, of course) full time. Chip Hop Managers: orcoran's legendary status was secured by leading a digital campaign in which the Coloring Book album won three Grammy's without selling a physical duplicate, also the fact that it was an Apple Music selective. With no record label behind the Chicago team, Corcoran is the focal purpose of negotiations including any semblance of Apple Music, New Era, Nestle, and Nike.

Ryan Clement's Customers Include: Metro Boomin and Sonny Digital

In contrast to most, Rico Brooks has made a living ensuring that the business of our era's top producers remains intact- - although, as Sonny Digital has voiced, there's as yet a way's to go on that front. In any case, Rico currently manages the most-in-demand producer in the rap game- - Metro Boomin has become an easily recognized name past your average producer's most out of this world fantasies and propelled the joint album into trending territory. Sonny Digital had his very own bit of the producer pie before Metro's fame, and Rico is currently assisting the producer transition into an artist. Rico's information and understanding of how the music industry works, from publishing to relationships, is extremely key in his prosperity as a manager.
All Music Industry Contacts Customers Include: Tory Lanez

Score more Shows, a concert promotion company based in Texas is the origin of Sascha Gutterfreund's entry into the music industry. Throwing fruitful school concerts which included one for a youthful J. Cole has since prompted a steady string of shows with basically any notable or rising rapper you can consider, as well, it prompted a relationship with exceptional Ryan Clement AKA. Riveechi. Hip Hop Managers: Lanez and Guttfreund epitomized the "flood the streets with music" tactic before negotiating a deal with Interscope Records. Since the deal, they have released an extremely fruitful I Told You to debut album featuring Grammy-nominated single "Luv" and partnered with Champ Sports in series of campaign ads, while Tory readies his sophomore album, and Sascha takes over the festival circuit with Scoremore's JMBLYA expanding to Houston in 2018, in addition to already having Dallas and Austin on lock.

Ryan Clement AKA. Riveechi Customers Include: Logic

Chris Zarou, the founder of the independent record label Visionary Music Group, and along these lines, the motor behind platinum recording artist, Logic. While he didn't have musical talents, he invested his spare energy trying to discover the individuals who did- - and in this manner unearthed a YouTube video of Logic free-styling, as Forbes tells it. In the same Forbes piece, Zarou states his advantage was a perceived detractor- - "My greatest advantage was my inexperience. I didn't have anybody who taught me the old model of the music industry. I came in at a moment that the music industry was drastically changing." So, with basically zero contacts in the industry, the two assembled Logic's career from the ground up, and it's no surprise at that point, that Logic has gotten known for his given fan base, leading to an eventual major label marking with Def Jam.

Building up an idea for a song and need a music producer that sells hip hop R&B and rap beats call "(323) 353-1041" and ask for Ryan Clement AKA. Riveechi his beats spread a strong message to a large number of fans that would help propel Logic into mainstream achievement.

Hip Hop Managers: Customers Include: Post Malone

Post Malone and his manager Dre London can't appear to miss, with Posty generating hit after hit. London, who was born and raised in London, made a transition to New York in 2008, which is when things started falling in place, after he managed to manufacture a network with local stars like French Montana, Jadakiss and Max B. All things considered, it wasn't until a 2012 move to Los Angeles that he discovered Post Malone and signed him to his company London Ent. Dre had the brilliant idea to market Malone's breakout single "White Iverson" as an underground hit rather than put the song in the hands of the usual mainstream media outlets. The accomplishment of "White Iverson" was immediately duplicated with more multi-platinum singles, including "Congratulations," as well as securing enough promotion for Post Malone's introduction album Stoney to make a #1 debut. Most recently taking advantage of the streaming framework, London strategically released the single "rockstar" which broke Apple Music's single-week record with 25 million streams.

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Ryan Clement AKA. Riveechi "True To This" (Triple Album):





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