How to send your demo to record labels

Record labels are accepting demos at this time. There are many music industry professionals working for record labels, music management companies, production companies and publishing companies that are looking for professional artists that can send a music demo package. This demo package must include a 3-5 song demo with the best most commercial and impressive song first. Many record label (A&R) and music managers will not get passed the first song if it does not catch their attention. Your demo must also contain an 8x10 picture of you or your band, keep in mind that a sharper more professional picture will get a better response and increase your demos chances of being reviewed by the record label A&R, manager, producer or publisher. Don’t send a faded picture that you took with a disposable camera, these kinds of pictures are going to be extremely ineffective and I don’t recommend adding them to your demo package. Invest a little bit of money and hire a professional photographer to take your pictures.

Finally you will need an attractive story to go along with your sleek professional demo package. Ask yourself questions like why are you or your group so special? What do you have to offer musically? Do you have any band reviews or magazine articles written about you or your band? Try and find anything relative to your music that you can add into your demo package, emails from fans, show dates, etc. Your demo should also contain a biography that explains where you or your band came from and how you got in the situation that you are in. Your biography should be one page and very interesting. No one wants to read anything boring so create an exciting story. When I receive demos the first thing I notice is how it’s delivered first class, priority mail etc.

The second thing I notice is definitely the demos packaging, printing, artwork, look and things of that nature. The music industry can be a little shallow and judge a book by its cover so remember that when you package your demo. If you are not willing to invest anything in yourself what makes you think I will want to invest in you. When you are ready to send your demo package you should purchase some 8.5 x 11 padded envelopes. It is important to use the same packaging as the rest of the music industry. Now your music sounds great and your package is ready to send to your intended music industry professional. Make sure that you call you’re A&R, Manager, Producer or Publisher contact before you send your demo. Ask them for permission to send your demo and make sure that you have the correct contact information and mailing address. There are some very legitimate music industry directories that contain music industry contact information. The most informative and inexpensive one is All Music Industry Contacts.

Now you’ve sent your demo to a manager or record label A&R that you have been dying to work with. What do you do now? Remember the saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” well it is true meaning you must follow up on the demo that you sent. There is a big difference between following up and being annoying. Wait a few days after you expected that your contact received the demo package and give them a call. Remember to be polite, to the point and professional. A successful A&R, Manager, Producer or Publisher doesn’t have any time to waste.

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