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Music Management Companies can get you signed to successful record label by shopping your music to successful A&R executives. You can use our contact information to get your music heard by top music managers and music managent companies. Make sure that you send them a great demo package, after that call and ask for a meeting. Most music managers gave us their email addresses so that you can send them a link to your music on social networking websites or your own record label webpage so that they can easily check out your music and digital content.

We spent hundreds of hours collecting contact information for all the most successful music managers. This year we focused on getting more direct phone numbers and emails addresses. We worked hard to make All Music Industry Contacts the best music industry resource in the world.



Music Management

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Successful music manager and music management companies handle a lot of administrative work for top music artist and bands. Music managers that work for larger management companies are extremely knowledgeable and are capable of turning new artists into profitable money making machines. Music managers have the capabilities of shopping your music demo to the most successful record label contacts. Successful music managers or management companies will definitely take on a new act they think will be a commercial success. Reputable managers will shop your music to a&r people and get you a record deal. Music managers look for talented artists much like artists look for rich record labels. It takes two hit songs to sell a hit record and it takes a lot of money to promote that record. That is all the music industry boils down to and music managers are only interested in the bottom line.

Your Manager gets a percentage usually ten percent of the artist’s profits. This is enough motivation for a music manager to find hundreds of ways for the artist to profit off of their music career. Make sure that you are ready before approaching music management companies. There are a few things you must have established before a successful music management company will give you a shot. If you are already an established recording artist, make sure that you choose the right manager that has experience in your genre. For example, you don’t want a rock manager with no experience in how to profit off of hip-hop music. There are some cases where it doesn’t matter; some Music Managers can handle any genre. I feel that it is an important time saver to go after a particular management company based on the genre of music that you make. These managers are much more likely to have more contacts in that style of music. After you have chosen a few managers that may be interested in your music its time to contact them. All Music Industry Contacts contains hundreds of music managers and music management companies direct phone numbers and email addresses, it is by far the most extensive music industry directory in the world.

Now your music sounds great and your package is ready to send to your intended music manager or music management companies. Make sure that you call music managers before you send your demo. Ask them for permission to send your demo and make sure that you have the correct contact information and mailing address. Our directory will also allow you to send artist music managers an email link to you music or record label website. There are some very legitimate music industry directories that contain music industry contact information. The most informative and inexpensive one is All Music Industry Contacts.

Now you’ve sent your demo to music managers and record label A&R that you have been dying to work with. What do you do now? Remember the saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” well it is true. You must follow up on the demo that you sent and ask if they had a chance to listen to it. Most music industry professionals asked us to include their email address so that they can easily check out an artist or bands music and digital content. There is a big difference between following up and being annoying. Wait a few days after you expect that your intended music contact received the demo package and give them a call. Remember to be polite, to the point and professional. A successful A&R, music manager, music producer or music publisher doesn’t have any time to waste.

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