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If your not on or, then your not promoting your music properly. Music Manager! Music Manager!Get more buzz, more fans, more plays and more downloads and show these A&R reps why they need to sign you! Its so easy to create a or profile and its FREE for all artists and bands, just upload your music, picture, you can even create a play-list! This is by far the best way to promote your music online and prove to all the A&R executives that you have thousands of song plays and possible song downloads! Music Manager! Order 3,000 plays or more for or today and get the latest update of All Music Industry Contacts FREE which includes the direct contact information that will get you connected with thousands of record label A&R, music manager, music producers, music publishers, radio stations, music supervisors, music distributors and music agents, including their direct email address! Music Manager! For Prices Click Music Marketing

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A highly regarded Music Manager and music management company can get you signed by a record company. There are many well connected music manager & music management Contacts in the world also in the United States, we include all of their contact information as well as direct contact information to everybody who works at the top management companies.

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Examples of our 664 page All Music Industry Contacts Directory

A music manager that has excellent music contacts so you can possibly get signed to a record deal with record label A&R reps whom your music manager knows personally since they've signed an artist to a record deal with that individual record label A&R in the past. Essentially, what I'm trying to say is that an excellent music manager usually has the hookup with successful A&R Reps, consequently they will automatically have double the chance to obtain a record deal since they've made business with that record label A&R before and now they have a special connection with many record company A&R who can get you signed quicker then a music manager without the right connections, therefore having a well connected music manager or music managers is absolutely worth it. Music Manager!

Our music manager contacts list included in All Music Industry Contacts is certainly the most extensive music manager directory in the whole entire world & includes over 100 pages of music manager contacts, any of which you are able to sign with and can get you a record label deal by simply playing your songs/music to record label A&R reps who will take your music manager for his word since your manager is already well established as a music manager within the music industry! Music Manager!

All Music Industry Contacts includes over 10,000 A&R Reps at over 2,000 record labels, (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts also includes thousands of music manager, music producers, music publishers, music supervisors, music agents and radio stations. It is essential for you to send your music/songs to as many record company A&R reps as you probably can, whether you are sending an email link to your music website or sending out a demo CD, you must to include a choice 8x10 shot, your short biography which tells the record company A&R a story regarding you the artist or your band and how much local or regional promotion or music sales revenue that you have obtained since your album or single release. Music Manager! Please verify that you put down your full contact information including email address, cell phone, home address, home phone, etc. Also make sure that your demo CD is visibly and precisely labeled. Music manager! We only list exceptionally regarded record label A&R contacts that can advance your music business career; Music Manager! Use our large list of record company A&R contacts to get connected with the right people. For a limited time we are going to include our 324 page A&R Contacts list when you order All Music Industry Contacts, Music manager! (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts includes the direct email addresses, direct mailing addresses and phone numbers/ext., to over 10,387 Record Company A&R reps at over 2,000 record labels.

Are You Ready To Get A Music Manager?

You will definitely need a manager once you’ve obtained a record deal. Music Manager! Your Music Manager will help your record label in their efforts to distribute and promote you. Are you ready to have a music manager? Music Manager! You’ve been doing tons of shows & you’ve sold a few thousand CD’s. Lately it seems like you are handling more & more business. Sooner or later you are going to want to hire an experienced Music Management Companies to take care of things so that you can concentrate on your music & recording. Don’t under estimate how much business & administrative work there is to do in the music industry. Music Manager! If you get picked up by one of the inexperienced Music Managers that has no idea how to manage a successful artist your record label will replace him / her. Most successful record labels will require you to have a successful manager. Music Manager! A successful music manager can also help you acquire a record deal with a well-known record company. You will need to make sure that your manager is qualified & can lead you in the right direction. A good Music Manager can also hook you up with successful A&R Executives, our new A&R Music Contacts Directory is over 324 pages. For a limited time it comes with All Music Industry Contacts Update which already includes an extensive Music Manager and Music Management Company Directory. Music Manager!

Choosing The Right Music Manager

This section will help you identify what you are looking for in a Music Manager. These days a lot of artist or bands choose their friends to be their manager. Music Manager! This is not the best idea unless of coarse your best friend is Doc McGee. It is very important that you choose your music manager wisely & get everything in writing in order to protect yourself from getting screwed. Music Manager! Picking the right music management company may take some time so you will need to be patient. A Music Manager can do many things for you as well as provide creative direction and manage your finances. Your music management should have extensive knowledge in the music industry. Music Manager! He/she should have experience in your genre. A great music manager will always have a fair and un-constricting record contract. It is very important that you don’t go with an artist manager that has too many other acts. If you are not a priority you will not get the attention that you will need & it will be much harder to succeed in the music industry financially. Music Manager!

Music Manager Marc Oswald Interveiw

Music Manager Marc Oswald Interview about himself and his job as a Music Manager, he discusses how he markets and manages his three most major clients which include credits like country music stars Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson and Cowboy Troy. Check out the interview with music manager Marc Oswald below. Music Manager!


What Percentage Does A Music Manager Get?

Make sure that your Manager is a legit music manager & not just some tired dreamer without a work ethic. The music industry is a tough nut to crack & everyone is not capable of dealing with the trials & tribulations. Music Manager! There is a set rate of 15-20% that managers should receive in exchange for their services. This percentage is deducted from your gross income. A Music Management Firms contracts are usually no longer than two years with an option to extend that time if the manager gets you a record deal & is exceptional at taking care of business. Music Manager! There should be an agreement that at any time either party can terminate their relationship. Music Management Companies can and will sometimes act as an investor if he/she really believes in you. Music Manager! If your send demo package is not up to par they will do the things necessary to bring your package to a certain level of professionalism. This includes photography, recording, CD Mastering & biography. It is your business Managers job to handle anything administrative and financial including publishing deals, royalties, recording, public relations, publicity and promotion. Music Manager!

Remember it is your business Music Managers obligation to get you work. This is nowhere near a perfect world, so you need to acquire enough information about the music industry so that you do not put all of your trust in your manager. Music Manager! You should definitely research and discuss things together. Since you will be doing business worldwide make sure that your Manager only gets commission for the deals that he makes in the country that he does business in. Music Manager! When you expand to over seas you will need to hire co-managers to help your manager in that region. Music Manager! The contract that you have with your manager should also state if they are your Management for other areas of the entertainment industry as well. It is not unlikely for musicians to become actors and vice a versa. It will also be your Music Managers job to keep accurate accounting records to ensure that no one is being ripped off. Music Managers role is some what sophisticated these days so it would not be a bad idea to make sure that they have taken a course in Music Management. Your Music Manager has a lot of responsibility including development, getting a booking agent for tours, developing a great send demo promotional package, creating the artists image including wardrobe & stage presence, getting the artist a web site, songs, Producers, studio time, publishing, publicity, etc. Music Manager!

Do you need a Manager?

All artists need Music Management! Music Manager! My first break as a Music Producer came when I started focusing my efforts on obtaining a successful music manager. I must have called & sent my music demo to every manager in the whole music industry. Music Manager! I didn’t only contact major music managers, I also contacted independent managers. I received at least twenty calls from the two hundred demo submissions. The tracks that I sent must have been good because I received a ten percent response. Most of the artist’s managers that I talked to wanted to ask me if their artist or artists could use a track for a project free of charge. Music Manager! Being new to the music industry I didn’t want to turn down any possible situations. I knew that if some music industry insiders start talking about my songs good things will happen. One of the Managers that I contacted became my Music Manager. I soon learned that there are many other ways to capitalize off of music besides CD sales. Music Manager! My manager started getting my music placed in TV & Film projects. Every time my music was aired I received a healthy check. Music Manager! I learned that managers could be great for your career. Music producers and music managers sometimes act as filters for the actual record label A&R people. Music Manager!

Successful Music Managers can get you a Record Deal

A&R people tend to listen to successful Music Managers & Music Producers opinions. Music Manager! If a successful well-known music manager sends a demo to a Record Label A&R person the chances of the A&R person actually listening to the demo are extremely high. Record labels like when a successful music manager recommend an artist to them. Music Manager! This saves the A&R a lot of research when looking for new talent to sign. There are several things that the right music manager will be able to do, one of them is get you a record deal. Music Manager! When speaking with a Music Manager you must be extremely professional. I remember speaking with Mathew Knowles a few years ago, for those that don’t know Mr. Knowles is Beyonce’s father/manager. He answered his phone personally & was extremely polite and professional. Music Manager! This was right before Beyonce released the hit single Survivor. I asked Mr. Knowles politely if he could listen to a few songs that I had recently produced. As soon as he said yes I quickly verified that the address I had was correct and off the package went. I did this because I wanted him to shop my demo songs that I had produced to artists that he knew. Music Manager! I would never sign a contract with an inexperienced Music Manager because it is likely that they have no contacts in the music industry. I hope this information helps you! Music Manager! Our Music Industry Contacts Directories are the best and most extensive Music Contacts in the world. Music Manager!

All Music Industry Contacts contains all of Americas most successful record label A&R'S, managers, producers & publishers including their contact information and credits. Music Manager!

All Music Industry Contacts contains all of Americas most successful record label A&R, managers, producers & publishers including their complete contact information including updated email addresses and credits. 664 pages! Download PDF Music Marketing and Promotion Contacts FREE 57 Pages

Order All Music Industry Contacts "CD-Rom or Instant Download" today and we will include! 178 Music Industry Contracts, Internet Entrepreneur, $100/188 page A&R Directory and Make a Living as an Artist or Band FREE! All Music Industry Contacts Also Contains Over 300 Pages of Complete and Updated A&R Contacts! Music Manager!

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