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The contract with the music producer will also address recording costs. As a general rule, the recording costs are not recoupable from the Music Producer royalties. This, of course, is different than the provisions applicable to the artist who must repay the recording costs from their royalties.
The average royalty for a music producer is 3% to 4% of the retail price. An independent music producer might have contracts that include what is called a record one clause, meaning they get paid what is beginning with the very first record sold,  the music producer generally has to wait until the recording cost has been recouped from the artist but then the royalties are paid retroactive to the first records sold.

The music producers basic job is to make you or your band sound as great as possible. There are several areas in which the music producer can help, by helping you structure your structure your songs to fit your audience or to have a Mass Appeal, by helping make the hook for your new song the hook is the actual lyrics or Melody which is generally repeated in the song and that catches the listener’s ear and makes sure your song is memorable for the audience. A music producer makes your recordings radio quality and makes sure that your songs meet radio standards. Generally for radio your songs should be about three and a half minutes long and the first verse should be done no later than about 20 seconds into the song.

If you are picking your own music producer try to work with someone who has worked with a national artist or a local artist who has been signed to a record label. Listen to other records and things you’re your music producer has made. Does his record sound bad? Then yours probably will too. If some of your recordings are good and others are bad you may want to keep looking for a music producer whose work quality is more consistent. Also be sure you are working with an actual music producer. Many people who run small local studios are not music producers but I simply sound engineers. There’s more to producing music then just knowing how to set up the microphone and record. A great music producer knows the tricks of the trade and how to help you get the best recordings and knows when to apply those techniques and when not to.

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The Music Producer
Another key influence affecting the artist image that should be evaluated periodically is the music producer. The artists music manager must review the music producers work and product in view of the artist evolving another key influence affecting the artist image that should be evaluated periodically is the music producer. If you want to get in direct contact with a successful music producer working with well established prolducer agencies. A Music Producer can help you record, mix and sometimes master your music. If you are solo artist or band it is vital to have a Music Producer or Music Producers working on your music project. All Music Industry Contactsincludes over 10,000 A&R's at over 2,000 music labels, (AMIC) also contains an exclusive list of music agents, music supervisors, music managers, record label A&R's, music producer contacts, music publishers and radio stations. The artists Music Manager must review the music producers work and product in view of the artist evolving goals, not the music producers. For instance, let's suppose an artist and put music producer have been working together for several years, financially achieving some degree of success on their most recent album.

The record label  A&R wants the follow-up album to be in the same artistic quality to take advantage of the sales and excitement generated by the last album. However, because the success of the previous album has afforded the music producer a new found degree of Financial Security, when he's not pleased with the overall sound of the artist material, he demands a radical change in direction despite the commercial success of the recent album. The artist believes in the music producers ability as a result of the success of the last album, but the artist also agrees with the directions suggested by the record label. The Music Manager must resolve the Dilemma without compromising the direction and image of the artist. If the music producer is diverting the artist from a strategic course, then a new music producer may be in order, unless it’s a solution can be found through other means. The Music Manager can’t let the producer satisfy his artistic aspirations at the expense of the artist. To guard against this situation, the artist and music producers relationship should be examined at certain intervals.

Selecting a music producer
When a record company signs a new artist to a recording agreement, it will initially insist on having the final say in choosing an experienced music producer. After all, the record company wants to ensure that it is getting the best possible product for its Investments, which can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, since it makes no sense to have you locked up in the studio with a producer with whom you’re unhappy, your attorney can usually negotiate so that the selection of the music producer is mutual. How does the process of actually selecting the music producer work? First you must interpret your needs and then make a wish list, get in contact, spend time, go into pre-production, choose right before Mite, no expectations, and maybe use more than one producer. Get connected with a music producer; including record label A&R, music managers, agents, producers and publishers.

A music producer is the person hired either by the record label or the band to do the actual recording mixing and mastering of the record if the same person is going to produce the entire album then the term of his or her contract will be the same as the term of the recording contract. The other alternative is for a term of a specific number of songs or just one song depending on the particulars of the deal. Most music producer contracts will include provisions for a production fee which will either be a flat for you for the project or may vary based on the amount of songs produced. Depending on how the contract is worded the production fee may or may not be treated as an advance. The difference is that in advance is recoupable from your music producer or his royalties while a flat fee is not. This poducer is separate and in addition to the music producer royalties.

If you want to become a Music Producer you must be able to correspond with artists and bands, you will also need to have an excellent ear for grand music. Your Music Producer can advise the sound engineer about what kind of sound they are looking for in the studio. Music Producer! I believe that a music producer should certainly have understanding of both analog and digital recording gear so that they can provide the sound engineer with the right input. Music Producer! Most sound engineers are musicians as well and can facilitate the music producer with the general musicianship, song arrangement, and preferred sound. As a music producer I like using sound engineers that get into the development creatively and artistically. Music Producer! When I was eighteen years old I went to Citrus College for audio engineering and that same year I bought a Pro Tools Digi 001 recording system which worked well with my computer. Citrus College had a very extensive two-year program that I learned a lot from. Music Producer! I knew that if I wanted to be a big music producer I had to also have a background in audio engineering. I think that it is very important to go to school and take audio engineering and music production classes. Music Producer!

Since I am a Rock/ Hip-hop/ R&B producer it is my sole responsibility to come up with and play most of the music I record. Occasionally I am working with a band that have all their music written and don’t need to change a thing. Music Producer! Usually bands welcome input from their Music Producer because they want the recording to be great. I would never change a bands music but I will give them ideas. Music Producer! When I am creating I usually program and play all the parts myself. I also like to hire musicians to play a part or two to give the song a fuller feel. The most important thing for a music producer to learn these days is pro-tools because you will be able to do many things like TV, Radio, Imaging and Film projects. When the money starts coming in make sure you get a Music Manager. Music Producer!

A great way to start off making a living being a music producer is to get your music published and placed in TV and Film projects. Music Producer! You can do this by contacting, Music Producer, Music Publishers and Music Supervisors. As you start making money as a music producer you will want to record and produce as many great bands as possible for a small fee. At first it is not as much about the money as it is about your reputation and experience. Music Producer! The Music Industry does not pay right away so people usually take jobs as interns and work their way up. The music industry is all about word of mouth. If you produce great songs and create a good buzz there will be a lot of work coming your way. A&R people, artists and musicians like working with reliable music producers. If anything, don’t be known for being lazy, too expensive, or flaky. Music Producer!

It is extremely important to build strong and lasting relationships with music industry professionals like Record Label A&R people, Music Managers and Music Publishers. Music Producer! This part goes a long with what I said earlier, it’s all about your reputation. You want to be known for creating great songs in a timely fashion. A&R reps like contacting producers that they know have a great talent for finding and producing exceptional acts. Music Producer! Make contact with successful A&R Executives, Music Managers, Music Publishers and Music Producers because these people will want to hear what you have. These music industry professionals will have the capabilities to shop your product in exchange for an advance and royalties. Music Producer! As a Music Producer you can have your artists sign a contract stating that you have exclusive rights to produce their material. Music Producer! If you are planning on jumping ship to get signed with another record label this is not a good idea. Most record labels will not sign a band that is under an exclusive contract with a Music Producer or Music Manager. Music Producer!

A record label may only want the artists and not the baggage that has to come along with them. Record labels don’t like to buy out contracts and avoid this procedure at all costs. I like to think of myself as one of those music producers that started out producing music for the love and everything eventually started paying off. Music Producer! I know you have heard this a million times “Do what you love and the money will follow”. I love being a sound engineer because it is a lot easier to get paying clients right off the bat. You can offer artists a deal like if they pay for studio time you will make their beats and produce them for free. Music Producer! I suggest buying a pro-tools system like the M-Box or DIGI 002 to start with. These systems are great for beginners and can create great sounding songs. They are extremely easy to set up! All you need is a computer PC or Mac. Music Producer! Plug the audio interface into your PC using USB or fire wire. Install your pro-tools software and your set. I have been recommending pro-tools to anyone that is interested in becoming a music producer because it is both professional and affordable. Music Producer! In this digital world a music producers best friends are always going to be his computer, A/D, D/A Converters. guitar, midi keyboard and recording software. Music Producer!

A Music Producer can play many parts from acting as an artistic source to hiring artists and bands to financing a meticulous music venture. All Music Industry Contacts includes over 10,000 A&R People at over 2,000 record labels, (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts also includes a lengthy list of music producers, record label A&R Contacts, music managers, music supervisors, music agents, music publishers and radio stations. You can use (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts to get in direct contact with almost any record label A&R in the music industry. There are a number of music industry contacts working for music management companies, music publishing companies, record label A&R, music agents and music production companies that are looking for extraordinary artists or bands to sign, you can send a demo, press kit or a inclusive demo package to record label A&R Contacts if you're trying to get signed by a record label or music manager. Generally a music producer has understanding of the whole recording, mixing and mastering process and helps steer the artist or band throughout the entire recording, mixing and mastering process. A Music Producer will be able to get the greatest records achievable out of the artist or band they are producing. A music producer does not have to be the person sitting at the rear of the mixing board; a music producer typically hires a sound engineer to record, mix and masters the finished records. I know many music producers that are very capable sound engineers as well, I happen to be one of them myself. Music Producer! Frequently a music producer is also a musician and can play or program more than one instrument. Being capable to play melodies is not a precondition to becoming a music producer.

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