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Rap Labels

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Rap labels are usually created by rappers and or producers who independently record, sell and promote their own rap records. When a rap label gets big enough they usually sign a distribution deal with a major label or distributor. Independent Rap Labels must sell a substantial amount of records to make it to the level where they have national distribution and airplay. There are many different deals that a small Rap Label can make with established major rap record labels to insure that they will get a better share of the profits. Rap artists that see a lot of success usually go on to own their own Rap Label and ultimately own the recorded masters. Most rappers get in the business because one of their friends or someone in their crew made it. For instance, Eminem was discovered by Dr. Dre and went on to produce his old group D12. Fifty cent was signed by Eminem and went on to produce G Unit.

I believe that rap artists need to get their own exposure by doing shows and selling CD’s, you also want to have a website with a few music clips. Even if you are the best rapper in the world you still need to pay your dues and prove to the rap world that you can sell records, that’s all rap labels or any label cares about. A rap A&R at a major record label could really like your demo CD but that doesn’t mean that he/she is going to doing anything about it. You must be professional and persistent when dealing with rap A&R reps., in the case a rap label likes your demo package they will want to read your bio and see proof of record sales. Most labels like to sign acts that already have a following and are growing organically. You can show them your internet merchant history or better yet a sound scan report. If a rap label decides to sign you to a record contract or development deal you will need to have a lawyer look over your contract. The next step will be for you to start recording with top producers and rehearsing for live shows. You will record anywhere from Your rap Record Label A&R will choose the two hit songs that will be used for radio and promotions. If your rap A&R feels that you do not have two strong radio songs you will most likely end up back in the studio recording more songs with more music producers.

Starting a rap label

At a time where most of the music industry thought gangster rap was going out of style Master P came through and sold thousands of gangster rap records independently. There are also a lot of rap record labels that aren’t widely known but do very well financially. Look at starting a Record Label like starting a small business, if you are just starting a rap record label it would be a good idea to go out and sell your CD on the street. I have been out there selling 15-20 CD’s a day at $10.00 a piece, I netted nearly 200 dollars a day seven days a week for two years. The key to having a successful Rap Labels is saving your money and investing wisely. The internet is a good way to promote, sell and distribute your own rap records. I strongly believe that hip hop artists should go out and sell their own CD’s out of their back pack in order to generate capital to start their own rap label. You do not have to sell a million records to be considered a successful rap label. If you sell 1000 CD’s a month at ten dollars a piece you will gross 10,000 dollars.

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rap labels

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