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Record Label A&R; We Have Compiled The Most Extensive & Up To Date Music Contacts Directories In The United States; All Music Industry Contacts Plus Has 11 Separate Directories Including Thousands Of Record Label A&R Contacts & Is Over 1,000 + Pages! We Have A Team Of 4 Music Industry Professionals who confirm our music industry contact information daily and make over 800 verification calls per week, that's over 38,200 calls a year to validate that you have the most accurate contact information attainable! You can use All Music Industry Contacts to send your music to thousands of Record Label A&R in the United States.

Record Label A&R

What Does A Record Label A&R Do?

The record label A&R job is most likely one of the hardest positions in the music industry. Record Label A&R stands for Artists & Repertoire. All Music Industry Contacts lists over 10,000 A&R Reps at over 2,000 record label companies, (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts also includes an immense list of Record Label A&R Contacts, music producers, music supervisors, music publishers, music managers, music agents and radio stations. Record label A&R!You can utilize (AMIC) inorder to get in direct contact with nearly any record label A&R in the music industry. There are numerous music industry contacts professionals working for record label A&R, music management companies, music production companies, record label A&R, music publishing companies and music agents that are looking for great artists or bands to sign, you can send a presskit or a proficient demo package to record label A&R if your trying to get signed. The main purpose of a record label A&R is to help their artists artistically while helping the record label financially by signing good artists/bands and developing them. Its usually record label A&R that are hired by the record company to oversee the whole recording, mixing and mastering process which includes finding the right songs for their artist, working with the right music producers, finding the right recording studio, etc. A major record label A&R must stay on top of current music industry trends in order to develop quality acts that will do well for the record label A&R that employs them. Even if a record label A&R really likes an artist or band they may still not be able to sign them to their label. Record label A&R! Usually it is the head record label A&R that makes the ultimate decisions. The reason why being a record label A&R can be tremendously demanding is because with every artist or band that you sign your record label A&R positon is on the line. Since there is a high rate of failure in the music industry, record label A&R people try to sign artists or bands that are already somewhat successful. If a record label A&R does not prove to the record company that he or she can produce a hit artist or band they will be let go from the record label company. Record label A&R

How Does Yor A&R Help You Work With Your Label?

Most record label A&R reps were promoters, music producers or artists themselves. Basically record label A&R are hired to present a honorable face to artists and bands. Usually record label A&R reps are in there thirties, because they are old enough to know what they are doing & young enough to know what the new music trends are. When you get signed you better understand that it is just the beginning, there are still a lot of things that could fail. Someone at the record label may drop the ball or your record label A&R person may have to deal with irresponsible or un-happy music producers that aren’t really into the recording artist and are way too busy to get their head in the game. Record label A&R! You’re record label A&R must also fight for you to get the attention of the record labels promotion, publicity and sales departments. It absolutely takes a lot of hard work on a record label A&R person’s part to get a music recording artist from being signed then added to radio play-lists and after that could have a video on BET, MTV or VH1. The recording process for a record label A&R is very concentrated because they must make sure that there are enough radio friendly songs on the release. If the record label A&R feels like there are not enough quality songs he/she will have the artist write and record more. Record label A&R.

How can you contact a record label A&R?

There are a lot of record label A&R people that accept unsolicited material. The ones that accept unsolicited material may ask you to put a certain code on your package so that they know you have permission to submit. Whenever I find time I usually sort through everything because you never know what you are going to hear. Most record label A&R reps know exactly what they are looking for in an artist & if they see it in you they will more than likely sign you without any hesitation. Record label A&R! If you get your act together & promote yourself aggressively, there is a chance that a record label A&R will come to you. Green day is one band that didn’t really have to look for a record deal. All they did was become a local hit & sell a good amount of CD's on their own, next thing that you know a majority of the major record labels wanted to sign them. It is always a great idea to do as much as you can on your own. Record label A&R!

These days record companies spend less time developing acts, it’s almost like they are looking for artists that are already polished and ready to go. Your package should include 3 of your greatest songs, with the best one first because most record label A&R people will not keep listening unless the first song gets their attention. At times I get a full complete CD from artists that did not include a note telling me which song or songs I should check out. Record label A&R! I didn’t have time to listen to the whole CD and didn’t feel like searching around for a great song. In the package you must also include a quality 8x10 photo, a biography that tells the record label A&R a story about the artist and how much local or regional success he / she has. Make sure that you leave your contact information home address, email address, home phone cell phone, etc. Make sure that your send demo CD is clearly and neatly labeled. Record label A&R!

If an record label A&R is interested they may ask for more songs, when your next show is, etc. Since successful music managers, music producers and music publishers act as filters for the record label A&R people you may want to get them to shop your demo for you. Your demo may have a better chance of someone listening to it if the person who sends it is well known or has a track record in the music industry. You can use music industry resource like All Music Industry Contacts to find a successful music manager, producer or publisher to shop your music. Record label A&R! This music business is all about being professional and persistent so work hard at getting your music to the people who can make things happen. Record label A&R people hate when representatives call them or leave messages that are full of hype like I have the best new artist, you better sign us quick or we’ll be with universal records or my artists are hotter than the ones out. The only thing this does is make me never want to meet you. Record label A&R
How do A&R people look for talent?

The internet is becoming a great way for record label A&R people to find new talent because artists are becoming savvy enough to get sites up with MP3 samples of their music. Technology is making the job of finding new talent easier and easier. Record label A&R! As I have said before I like it when a successful music manager or producer recommends an act because I trust their judgment but I would never rely on this alone. There are a lot of magazines out there that offer demo reviews for artists; my favorite would have to be music connection magazine. Record label A&R!


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