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What Role Does Your Music Manager Play?

All working artists need a music manager; music management consists of any tasks that can help further your music career. Your manager is hired to help you with contract negotiations; career planning and sometimes creative guidance like helping you pick the right songs to drop as singles or giving you constructive criticism on your recordings. Your music manager acts as your business advisor, organizer and most importantly your friend and close companion. Your music manager should always have your best interests at heart whether it is personal or music business related. You music manager is a vital part or your music career and can make the difference between success and failure. You will be working closely with your music manager to build a profitable music career. There are different kinds of music managers that have different duties. A business manager, for example, is not usually involved in music production decisions or day to day personal tasks. Instead, it’s your business manager’s job to help take care of your finances including bills and any financial decisions.

In some situations your manager may be your personal and business manager and will be closely involved in every aspect of your music career including music production, personal and business ventures. What role your manager play depends on your needs and is different from one artist to another. It all depends on the capabilities of your manager and the relationship that build together. It’s sort of like a marriage and both parties have done their part to make the relationship function properly. The music industry is not easy and takes a lot of hard work, compromise and good communication. I feel that the relationship with your manager should grow after every obstacle you encounter in your music career. It is vital that you and your manager trust one another and both have each others best interest at heart. Like I said earlier, great communication is the key to any lasting relationship, there should be a mutual respect between both parties as well. There are some artists or musicians that feel like they don’t need a music manager, all artists will need one when the time is right. Artists and musicians need to focus on their music and leave the business part up to someone that already has experience. If you are an indie artist you may not need a full time music manager. The fact is that if you really want to make it, the music industry demands just as much management as it does talent and creative ambition.

Your manager is also there to help you deal with your record label A&R and make sure that you and your label are working together to insure that your successful and your music is well produced and marketed to your particular audience. As your success grows and your promotional budget increases you will definitely need your manager or music management companies services. Your manager also has to keep track of expenses including recording costs, promotional budget, tour support and video production. The record label you sign to will expect to recoup all of these expenses so it is important that you have someone in place to keep track of everything. Your record label should expect to make a profit from their promotional efforts; your success will insure that your music manager and record label A&R still has a job at the end of the quarter. If your sales fail to recoup your record company’s investment then you will be dropped like a bad habit and possibly in debt to the record label.

The record label that you are signed to took a financial risk by signing you in the first place and talent alone is not enough to insure ones success and profitability. You and your music manager need to plan, set goals for yourselves, execute tasks and stay in contact with you’re A&R executive. Your music manager must be capable of interacting with music agents, music producers, music publishers, radio program directors, publicists, attorneys, fans, your book keeper and or accountant/bean counters. You’re A&R or record label executive will expect your music manager or music management company to be professional enough to keep a good line of communication between you and the label that you are signed to. If you are an independent artist or have your own record label you will definitely need your manager to stay driven and make sure that you show up for appearances, do interviews and help deal with the pressure and responsibilities that comes along with being a successful artist, producer or musician. When you become a highly successful recording artist or music producer you don’t want to spread your self too thin. Let your manager handle the business so that you can focus on your craft.

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